You're Not Just a Victim, But a Survivor - VIDEO

Caleb Peng, a student working in Emory University’s Respect Program in the Office of Health Promotion created a video that launched on August 28, 2012 called “I am tired of the silence.” This video is being used for education all over the country and has been picked up by college campuses, non-profits, Feministing and other progressive blogs, and even the White House. It has received over 11,000 views to date and has generated a lot of dialogue.

President Barack Obama - Clinton GLobal Initiative: President Obama Speaks Out Against Human Trafficking, Sept. 2012

In remarks at the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting, President Obama calls human trafficking a debasement of our common humanity that tears at the social fabric of our communities, distorts markets, endangers public health, and fuels violence and organized crime.

President Obama Speaks at the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting, Sept. 2012

ECPAT USA - Dragons Aren't the Only Monsters (Public Service Announcement)

All little girls, like the one in this video, have hopes and dreams. For some their dreams include “one day” meeting a man who will love her. This video is about that “one day” turning into a nightmare. It illustrates not that girls this young are regularly involved in prostitution, but that girls who are involved in prostitution as teenagers are often involved because they met a man who they thought loved them, and that the man was actually a pimp. This is a very common scenario.

Dragons Aren't the Only Monsters - PSA

ECPAT USA - What I have Been Through Is Not Who I Am (Documentary)

In this short documentary, we meet Katrina whose childhood as a good student in a middle-class home abruptly ends when she is manipulated and sold for sex by a trafficker. Her compelling and emotional story takes us from Atlanta to New York City to Atlanta again, from desperation to recovery and success. Katrina’s inspiring story reminds us that with understanding, opportunity and support, victims can become survivors.

PSA: Living the Good Life in Vermont

VSA Vermont's Awareness Theater Company presents 'Living the Good Life in Vermont', a play to inform and empower Vermont's immigrant and refugee populations regarding their rights as victims of crimes.

This PSA was produced by Dan Higgins.

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