Programs at the Vermont Center for Crime Victim Services

Are you a victim of a reported crime? Financial assistance may be available to pay for your crime related losses. Contact the Victims Compensation Program for information
Sexual Asault Program In Vermont, no matter where you are, no matter who you are... if you have been forced or pressured into having sex, you have the right to free services.
The Restitution Unit enforces and collects criminal court ordered restitution and directs payments to victims.
Maintains advocates throughout Vermont’s fourteen counties to guide victims through the criminal justice process and to act as liaison with the State's Attorneys and other criminal justice agencies.
The Training Department at the Center provides high-quality training on victim/survivor-related topics to advocates and allied professionals in Vermont.
The Crime Victim Advisors are a unique group of people who have experienced crime themselves, and who work on behalf of all Vermont’s crime victims.
Parallel Justice is a national demonstration project that began in July, 2006, in order to offer support, validation and resources to victims of ALL crimes -- regardless of whether a perpetrator is ever caught or prosecuted.



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