Mission and Guiding Statements


“The Vermont Center for Crime Victim Services provides leadership to the state to ensure that justice is delivered to all victims and survivors of crime through recognition of harm done and advocacy for their rights and needs.”


“The Vermont Center for Crime Victim Services joins with victims, survivors, and those who interact with victims and offenders to provide, sustain, and support a collaborative system of direct services across Vermont that is comprehensive, victim-centered, trauma-informed and accessible to all diverse populations. The Center also works to hold offenders accountable for the harm they have caused victims and communities.”

Guiding Principles and Ideals

  • Victim Services are available and accessible to crime victim regardless of whether the crime is reported or prosecuted, and regardless of whether the perpetrator is identified, convicted, sentenced or released.
  • Victim Services are delivered in a manner that is timely, trauma informed, culturally sensitive, with recognition of the unique nature of every crime, in a way that does not further contribute to victimization; and that recognizes that victimization is not the victim’s fault
  • As a trauma informed organization, we work to incorporate an appreciation for the prevalence of traumatic experiences in people’s lives and a thorough understanding of the profound neurological, biological, psychological, spiritual and social effects of trauma and violence on individuals, families and communities.
  • Victim Services are comprehensive, and achieve standards developed by victims, survivors and service providers, community organizations, government agencies and lawmakers.
  • Victims and survivors are the driving force of victim services and are integral to the planning and implementation of direct and indirect services.
  • Services on behalf of victims must include offender accountability in policy and practice as part of healing and achieving a state of justice for victims, offenders and the community.


“The Vermont Center for Crime Victim Services believes that every person is equal and valuable; and if victimized, is entitled to full and equal justice. Justice for crime victims can be achieved through the individualized provision of high quality services, by holding offenders accountable for harm done; and by engaging and educating communities and government agencies about victimization.”


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