Courage in Bloom Memorial Garden

Memorial Garden logoThe Memorial Garden Project was a collaborative effort among many organizations who work with victims of crime. The Former Vermont Victim/Survivor of Crime Council (now Crime Victim Advisers) spearheaded this exciting project.  The Memorial Garden, located between 10-12 Baldwin Street in Montpelier, is now the site of the Courage in Bloom Garden. This space can be visited by the public during Spring, Summer and Fall, however it will be closed in the Winter. This space is for remembering, honoring victims/survivors of crime and a place to build public awareness about issues impacting victims of crime.  Groups can also use the Garden for rallies, vigels, or speakouts. Simply email Mandy Park ( for details.

Many Vermonters are not aware of the challenges that most victims/survivors of crime face after victimization. Some face the prospect of navigating a complex and often frustrating criminal justice system. Others, whose offenders are not apprehended, or do not report the crime, are left to rebuild their lives in isolation.

We hope the Courage in Bloom Garden will help victims/survivors feel less isolated. We hope that this community space symbolizes that crime is not tolerated and that victims/survivors of crime should have all the support they need in their own healing process. A garden is a symbol of growth and renewal; like survivors of crime, gardens need attention and care. Both need to be recognized as resources that a community depends upon for its sustenance and viability.

Our Memorial Garden design was unveiled as part of Vermont's commemoration of Crime Victims' Rights Week 2004. We drew our inspiration from two models: the Garden of Peace Memorial to Victims of Homicide in Boston, Massachusetts; and the New York State Crime Victims Memorial in Albany, New York


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