Victims Compensation Program

Are you a victim of a reported crime? Financial assistance may be available to pay for your crime related losses. Contact the Victims Compensation Program for information and eligibility requirements.

Here is a partial list of losses that may be covered as long as there is not another source to pay for your losses such as insurance. Caps or limits may apply:

  • medical/dental
  • mental health counseling for victim and supportive counseling for family members that live in the household with the victim
  • funeral costs
  • lost wages
  • gas
  • crime scene clean-up
  • rent/relocation
  • safety/security
  • travel expenses/transportation costs
  • child care
  • boarding of pets
  • payment of pets that are injured/killed during the crime
  • temporary living expenses
  • eyeglasses, hearing aids, dentures, or any prosthetic device taken, lost, destroyed during the commission of a crime


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