About the Vermont Center for Crime Victim Services

Since its creation in 1992 the Vermont Center for Crime Victim Services (VCCVS) has been providing compassionate, victim-centered services to Vermont’s victims of crime. Over the past two decades, the Center has collaborated with partners across the state to develop and support new programs that are innovative, comprehensive, and accessible to all crime victims, including those with disabilities and those who are not fluent in English. The Center strives to support and encourage providers and programs across the state in responding equally, respectfully, and compassionately to all victims, and, to the extent possible, to protect them from further victimization. We support services that are made available to victims/survivors regardless of whether the crime is reported or prosecuted and are independent of the offender’s status or progress within the criminal justice system. Beyond services, the Center strives to engage with government system partners in identifying what we can do with the programs and resources we have now that will help victims rebuild their lives. This is part of our vision of a state of justice. We recognize that this awareness is a shared responsibility of government, survivors, and community that will greatly enhance the public good. 

The Center is governed by a Board of Directors. As mandated by state statute, this Board consists of five members: a victim/survivor of crime, a physician, an attorney, and two community members. The Board approves the Center’s annual budget, its policies and procedures, and the funding of Center-sponsored grantee programs.

To view Vermont statutes relating to victims of crime, please click the following link:

Title 13: Crimes and Criminal Procedure

Chapter 167: CRIME VICTIMS

For legislation specifically related the the Center for Crime Victim Services, please see 13 V.S.A. §5361


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